LR Series

The range of linear friction welding machines feature a number of models offering forge capacities from 1-200 tons. They are designed to weld a wide variety of components for different general industry applications as well as specific sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, power generation and rail. The LR20 model is a hydraulic actuated machine capable of welding parts up to 3,000 mm sq, has an operating frequency range from 20-70 Hz, 25 ton forge load capability and an oscillation amplitude of 0.5 - 3 mm. The LR100 model is capable of welding parts up to 13,000 mm sq. It has an operating frequency from 20-100 Hz, 120 ton forge load capability, 220 ton in plane oscillator load and an oscillation amplitude of 0.5 - 5mm. Click here to learn more about the linear friction welding process.