AX Series

The Thompson AX Series is designed for friction welding commercial vehicle drive and trailer axles for both OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. The machines feature a new chuck design with simplified jaw fixings for holding larger diameter spindles and a new hydraulic system with improved pressure control for even better finished accuracies. The series offers hidden tie bars and Thompson flexiBase technology while moveable clamps ensure wide variation in overall lengths. An optional compact base design is available for smaller axles.

DP Series

The Thompson DP direct drive series is suitable for friction welding all types of drill pipes as well as rods and rock drills. They feature ultra lightweight, quick release tooling which eliminates changeovers using cranes and can be equipped with additional features including in-cycle internal boring tool for removing flash from narrow diameter tool joints and in-process optical measurement device. A range of automation systems is also offered including robot tool joint loading and pipe load/unload solutions.

LR Series

The range of linear friction welding machines feature a number of models offering forge capacities from 1-200 tons. They are designed to weld a wide variety of components for different general industry applications as well as specific sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, power generation and rail. The LR20 model is a hydraulic actuated machine capable of welding parts up to 3,000 mm sq, has an operating frequency range from 20-70 Hz, 25 ton forge load capability and an oscillation amplitude of 0.5 - 3 mm. The LR100 model is capable of welding parts up to 13,000 mm sq. It has an operating frequency from 20-100 Hz, 120 ton forge load capability, 220 ton in plane oscillator load and an oscillation amplitude of 0.5 - 5mm. Click here to learn more about the linear friction welding process.


MP Series

The Thompson MP direct drive series can be configured to friction weld a wide range of applications in a variety of similar and dissimilar materials. The machines feature a flexible backstop, intuitive user-friendly software for full control over the weld cycle and optional in-cycle TIR measurement and external/internal flash removal devices.

PR Series

The Thompson PR direct drive series is designed to friction weld piston rods and cylinders. These machines are used by many top OEMs and Tier 1 companies in the yellow goods industry as friction welding is a repeatable, robust and accurate process. The PR series is very versatile, meaning pre-chromed piston rods, eyes, clevises, hydraulic cylinder caps and flanges can be joined on a single machine. A range of workholding solutions is offered which enable either eyes or clevises to be joined to pre-chromed rods as well as caps and flanges to cylinders. Removable pins in the two jaw chuck mean faster part changeovers and tooling nests can be used to accommodate clevises. Orientation is available to align features on rotated and clamped components such as ports.

TR Series

Thompson's TR Series is specially designed to friction weld a wide range of track roller sizes. A variety of automated load and unload solutions are available together with a choice of chuck options for easy access and quick component load capabilities. In addition, an automatic noise-dampening sliding cover and quiet running motors ensure low noise operation.