Large diameter components

Typical large diameter components include API drill pipe, aluminium to steel anodes, construction machine track rollers, high torque driveshafts, piston rods and trailer axle tubes.




Medium diameter components

Medium diameter components include drive shafts, gear components, drill rods, sucker rods, tubular components like print rollers and cylinders. Other suitable automotive applications range from air bag canisters and engine valves to axles. The process is also ideal for construction machine components such as hydraulic piston rods, cylinders and swivel pins.


PR comp

Sample rotary geometries

Friction welding can accommodate a wide variety of geometries as seen below. The process is best suited to a simple butt joint weld prep. The interface needs to be clean and, depending on accuracy/component requirements, can either be saw cut square to the axis within 1% or machined. The weld face of both parts needs to be clean and clear of any contaminants, in particular, rust, scale, oxides etc as this can jeopardise weld quality.  

bar to bartube to plate 1tube to platetube to tube

Small diameter components

Common applications include hand tool components, engine valves, bi-metallic pieces for electrical power distribution and power plant, pump shafts and plug valves in materials ranging from copper/aluminium and copper/steel to heat resistant stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium. Other small diameter welded components include airbag inflators, turbo charger impellers, reamers and drills.

torque handtool